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Special Funds & Tributes

Donations to special funds are a wonderful way to celebrate a Simcha (special occasion), commemorate a life-cycle event, or honor someone. A description of these funds can be found below.

Temple Isaiah General Fund

Dues and tuition are not enough to sustain all the incredible programs our community offers. A General Fund donation provides much needed support to the highest need areas at Temple Isaiah. 

Tributes, Honors & Giving in Memory

Tzedakah: tradition teaches that when we do good deeds and give tzedakah in honor of or memory of loved ones, we continue to elevate their souls. 

Tributes can be Designated to any of the Funds Below

Discretionary Funds

Discretionary Funds are used by clergy and senior staff of Temple Isaiah to subsidize important services. It is customary to honor a clergy member who has been a part of a Simcha (Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, etc.), or served as a comfort in challenging times, with a donation to their discretionary fund. DONATE 

• Rabbi Dara Frimmer Discretionary Fund
• Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles Discretionary Fund
• Rabbi Jaclyn Cohen Discretionary Fund
• Cantor Randall Schloss Discretionary Fund
• Rabbi Emeritus Robert T. Gan Discretionary Fund
• Cantor Emeritus Evan Kent Discretionary Fund


Education funds provide additional resources to support our schools and programs for all ages. DONATE

• Preschool Support Fund
• K-12 Support Fund
• Ellen Goldberg Camp Scholarship
• Hurewitz Library Fund
• Martha Sklar Camp Scholarship
• Gail D. Solo Youth Opportunity Scholarship
• Rhonda and Peter K. Studner Fund for Students and Teachers

• Rabbi Norman Mirsky Adult Education Fund
• Dr. Eugene Levine Memorial Library Fund
• Isaiah Women K12 Scholarship
• Mehrdad “Mark” Cohen-Shohet Memorial Fund
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Yahrzeit Fund

Temple Isaiah’s Yahrzeit Fund is often used to commemorate the anniversary of a loved one’s death. It is customary to make a donation around the time of the Yahrzeit each year.