SOVA, taken from the Hebrew word savah, means to “eat and be satisfied.” But to more than 9,000 people in Los Angeles each month, SOVA means urgently needed food as well as supportive services that help them get on their feet. One in three of SOVA’s clients is a child. Others are seniors without a support network, families struggling after a parent lost his or her job, or homeless individuals trying to turn their lives around. SOVA, which is part of Jewish Family Service, provides a 4-5 days’ supply of groceries to help them make it through the month and has social workers on site to help its clients help themselves on the path to financial stability. To put it simply, SOVA is us, our community, putting our values into action.

How to get involved: 

Taking action is easy. In the Temple lobby and garage, there are SOVA barrels for food donations and bins for toiletries and books. SOVA is ALWAYS accepting donations and needs them throughout the year. Please bring NON-PERISHABLE foods (please avoid glass jars, opened or perishable foods), NEW toiletries, and Gently USED children’s books to donate when you come to Temple for services, classes, study or celebrations. With that simple gesture, you can partner with SOVA to transform our community. For more information about SOVA, visit their website at