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Small Groups

Imagine…small groups of Isaians gathering around shared interests, affinities, passions, concerns, geography or profession.

Imagine…people getting to know one another, learning, laughing, exploring and experiencing together. 

Imagine…people coming together and deepening connections to one another and to the Temple community.
This is the Temple Isaiah Small Groups Initiative!

Let’s get together!

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A Small Group consists of 3 – 18 people gathering together around shared interests. Group leaders will be fellow Isaians who will receive support and training to facilitate positive group dynamics. Small Groups will be time limited, with a start date and an end date. The frequency, dates and location of meetings will be determined by the group. At the last scheduled meeting, the group can either end or renew. Small Groups are an opportunity to try something new and connect with members of the community.


Temple Isaiah’s peer-led Small Groups will provide a variety of new pathways to connect our members to one another and the larger Isaiah community around shared interests. These small groups will have a limited time commitment, with a specific start and end date.

To Participate....

You must be a member of our Temple Isaiah community. In addition, anyone over the age of 12 who participates in a small group must be fully vaccinated. For any questions, please contact Rabbi Zoe.