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From the moment your child was born, you embarked on an incredible life-long journey together. In many ways, this journey began many centuries ago and will continue far into the future, as it is written in Talmud, “Whoever teaches their child teaches not only their child, but also their child’s child, and so on to the end of generations.” For bringing your child thus far into a life of Torah and faithfulness, we celebrate you.

Family must be members in good standing (all membership dues paid, or a payment program set up and approved by our Executive Director) from the time a date is reserved when student is in 4th grade. For most members, B’nei Mitzvah dates are reserved during the 4th grade. To reserve the date and keep it, temple membership must continue. For members who join later, available B’nei Mitzvah dates will be offered at the time of joining the synagogue.

The teen becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah must be a student enrolled in either of the following:

a. The K-12 program for no less than 12 months immediately before the B’nei Mitzvah. A student must be enrolled for an entire academic school year, prior to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

b. Learn with one of the school’s tutors on a continuous basis, one-on-one, either online or in-person (depending on the student’s needs) for a period no less than 7 months or 28 sessions, (entire cost of tutoring must be paid by the family) and this is before the 6-month tutoring period with a B’nei Mitzvah tutor.

Exceptions are made for children who are enrolled in Jewish day school but are still Temple members.
The tutors used for 1-1 tutoring (in place of Sunday school), must be tutors who work with the K-12 department and not a family friend or family member.

If you have questions, please contact Julie Moldo, Temple Isaiah’s B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator, at 310.277.2772 x14.


Confirming One’s Commitment to Jewish Life

The Confirmation year is one of the most exciting years our students experience during their religious school years. During the 10th grade year, our students spend time learning with our clergy.