Combating Climate Change: Our Systemic Sickness

Thursday, December 3 | 7:30 p.m.

Please join the Green Team for the second of the series where we are looking at climate change as a symptom, seeking a better understanding of the root causes of this “illness,” and, how we all can advance immediate and long-term curative strategies.
In this session we’ll watch and discuss Kate Raworth’s TED Talk, A Healthy Economy Should Be Designed to Thrive Not Grow. Raworth is Oxford-educated and worked 20 years for the UN and OXFAM. She “advocates reconsidering the foundations of economic science.  Instead of focusing on the growth of the economy, she focuses on a model where there can be ensured that everyone on earth has access to their basic needs, such as adequate food and education, while not limiting opportunities for future generations by protecting our ecosystem.”