Help transform the Temple Isaiah kitchen into a center of innovation in honor of Tamar Andrews

We want to extend a special thank you to Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries for their generous grant to help us transform the Temple Isaiah kitchen into a center of innovation in honor of Tamar Andrews’ service to our Preschool and community. Our new kitchen will enable us to provide nourishing snacks and special occasional meals for our preschoolers and staff, hosting cooking classes and demonstrations, and provide countless opportunities for our community to come together over the magic of food.

Temple Isaiah is your home at the intersection of tradition and innovation…and Isaiah’s heart and soul is in our kitchen.

In 2023 – 2024, we are embarking on a kitchen remodel to revitalize and transform our temple kitchen to serve the needs of our congregants, preschool, and community.

Miraculous moments happen in the kitchen — ordinary moments that are in fact extraordinary – and if we are blessed with awareness to understand what we are actually doing when we cook, teach, serve, and host, then we can offer thanks for the opportunity to transform lives, both ours and others.
We welcome you to learn more about how we plan to build and use this space, and how you can play an important role in this pivotal project!

Read our Case for Giving

Creating a space to gather as a community, to share, be inspired, and come together over the magic of food.

Architectural Renderings

Designed by Abramson Architects, this 21st century teaching kitchen is dedicated in honor of Tamar Andrews.

Atend an Event

Events coming soon!

Kitchen Tile Fundraiser

For a limited time, Isaiah is honoring your Kitchen fundraiser donation with a dedicated wall tile.
Put your lasting mark on the new Temple isaiah Kitchen by purchasing a wall tile. Various sizes and donation amounts are available now.

About the Kitchen Fund
With innovation at the heart of our new kitchen, we look to bring our community together more meaningfully than ever. A capital gift towards rebuilding our kitchen, to transform it into a 21st century teaching kitchen with capacity to welcome people of all ages, would add immeasurable meaning and connection through dedicated programs.

Please read the CASE FOR GIVING to learn more about the impact of your gift to the Temple Isaiah kitchen fund

Isaiah KItchen Innovations
– Cooking classes for our Preschool and K12 students
– Challah baking chavurahs
– ChaiVillageLA celebrations
– Volunteers preparing Shabbat dinners on Vollmer Deck
– Staff meals prepared with love
– Youth group cookoff competitions
– Isaiah Women seders
– Latkes for every K12 class
– Breakfast with 4th grade families to bring to Turning Point and SAMOSHEL
– Baking pies to add to Thanksgiving meals for PATH
And so much more…

Fun Facts

The new Isaiah kitchen is built in honor of Tamar Andrews and her 20 years of dedicated service to our temple.

Designed by Abramson Architects, this will be the first update to the Isaiah Kitchen in 50 years and is the first phase of a temple-wide rejuvenation initiative.

During COVID lockdowns, virtual cooking classes hosted by Temple Isaiah helped to keep our community connected and inspired.

Donor Spotlight

We’d like to extend special gratitude to our lead donors: Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries, Elizabeth and Glen Friedman, Norm, Ginny, Mitchell & Chad Solomon, Lila and Robert Hanasab, Rebecca and Bobby Khorshidi.

For additional information please contact Deborah Moses: [email protected]