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Music binds people together in shared experience, linking the past, present, and future in a chain of tradition. Through choir, our students develop deeper friendships and a stronger connection to the music and prayers of our people.

The Pop Up Choir is our youth choir for 1st-7th grade. The Pop Up Choir performs at the High Holy Day Family Services, the Purim Experience, special holidays and celebrations. Children can join the Pop Up Choir for an entire year or one performance.

Permanent Players are children in 3rd-7th grade who perform every month at our Shabbat Rising service.

If interested, please contact Cantor Tifani Coyot.


At Temple Isaiah Religious School, we believe that prayer should be experienced, not simply studied. Our weekly tefilah (prayer service) is exuberant with added dance moves and guitar. Our students and teachers create sacred space and deepen their connection to God. Students become confident with prayers as they are introduced to melodies both old and new.

A Hasidic story: The Rabbi Zalman of Laida gave a masterful sermon one Shabbat morning in services. But he could see that there was one man in the congregation who did not understand a single word. Afterward, the rabbi went up to the man and said, “I see that you did not understand my sermon…perhaps this would help.” The rabbi began to sing a niggun (a wordless melody). He sang the same niggun over and over, and the man finally said, “Ah yes, now I understand!”

Please enjoy listening to melodies from our Religious School Prayer services with Cantor Tifani Coyot and Song-leader Danny Rubinstein here.