People of the Book

September 16, 2023

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Sermon 5784

Friday Night Shabbat Services in Honor of Pride Month

June 09, 2023

Friday Night Shabbat Services in Honor of Pride Month
rnJune 9, 2023

Leave a Section Unpainted

October 04, 2022

High Holy Days 5783/2022
rnKol Nidre

Make Good Choices

September 26, 2022

High Holy Days 5783/2022
rnRosh Hashanah Morning

The Misappropriation of Zero Sum

September 15, 2021

The Misappropriation of Zero Sum by Rabbi Dara Frimmer at Kol Nidre 5782

The Israel Equation: What Do You Want It To Be?

September 08, 2021

The Israel Equation: What Do You Want It To Be? by Rabbi Dara Frimmer - Rosh Hashanah Day 2 5782

Shmita: This Story Is Not Over Yet

September 06, 2021

Shmita: This Story Is Not Over Yet by Rabbi Dara Frimmer - Erev Rosh Hashanah 5782


September 27, 2020

Kol Nidre Sermon 2020

Not Inconsistent with International Law

November 22, 2019

Rabbi Dara Frimmer - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5780: Using the text of Chayyei Sarah, Rabbi Frimmer examines the ancient story of Abraham, Ephron the Hittite, and the first real estate transaction of the Torah. In light of Sec. of State Pompeo's announcement that Israeli settlements are not inconsistent with international law (and in a week in which PM Netanyahu was indicted and Benny Gantz announced he could not form a coalition gov't), our Torah and subsequent commentaries offer guidance as we prepare to engage with these issues in the week to come.

It’s Time to Take Back Authorship of Our Story

September 30, 2019

Rabbi Dara Frimmer - Rosh Hashana Day Sermon 5780: Noting historic tensions for the Jews as they move between strength and vulnerability, Rabbi Frimmer explores topics of antisemitism and immigration. “We are not stuck in a story of hate. We are the authors of the most ancient and inspiring story of liberation. A story that reminds us that transformation is possible. That slaves can become liberators. That weakness is a touchpoint for strength.”

The River That Runs Between Us - Parashat Matot

August 02, 2019

Rabbi Dara Frimmer - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5779 - Each time the Jewish people have entered the land of Israel, from ancient times until now, there is a turning point in our collective history and identity. There is an unintended rupture within the community of Clal Yisrael: If Israel is now our home, what do we call the land outside of Israel in which Jews live? If Peoplehood is reborn in the land, by what name do we call our People who live outside her borders? On this Shabbat, Rabbi Frimmer examines the creation of the first Diaspora Jewish community as 2.5 tribes ask for permission to plant their roots on the West Side of the Jordan River while the rest of the Israelites prepare to enter the Promised Land.

The Holiness Code: Reprove + Rebuke, Then Return

May 10, 2019

Rabbi Dara Frimmer - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5779 - In the wake of missiles, op-eds, and Israel's Independence Day, Rabbi Frimmer asks us to turn away from the headlines and look to Torah as our guide. The Holiness code instructs us to rebuke that which is wrong and the wrongdoers. At the same time, we cannot take vengeance or bear a grudge.

"This is the Holiness Code. It’s not a mirror. It’s not who we are right now. It’s a window, asking us to look out and see what we might aspire to be. At times, we are so far from the society described in the Torah. Still, we keep these verses close at hand. We read them once a year on Shabbat. We return to them during the Mincha service of Yom Kippur. They are the guiding words as we consider the start of a New Year - how do we hope to live? What society do we hope to create?

And it doesn’t say: when under attack, discard the code."

Revealing the Hidden Mitzvah of Purim Tzedakah

March 08, 2019

Rabbi Frimmer - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5779 - During a Shabbat service with 2nd and 3rd grade families, the Pop-Up Choir, and Shabbat regulars, Rabbi Frimmer teaches on the "hidden" mitzvah of Purim tzedakah. How can the holiday of Purim move past cookies and costumes and teach us important lessons about generosity, dignity, and equality? Thanks to the congregants who shared answers and reflections to the following questions: What's Purim all about? How much tzedakah are we commanded to give? Why do we wear costumes?

Bells and Whistles

February 15, 2019

Rabbi Frimmer - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5779 - This week’s Torah portion outlines the intricate designs of the Priestly garments, including golden bells along the hemline of the High Priest’s robe. Rabbi Frimmer explores ancient and modern examples of when/how alarm bells signal danger in the life of the Jewish people.

Giving Up Functional Atheism For New Year's

January 04, 2019

Rabbi Frimmer - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5779 - On Shabbat Va'era, Rabbi Frimmer examines Moses' struggle to lead the Israelites out of slavery, noting his early setbacks and deep disappointment. Drawing on the wisdom of Torah, Parker Palmer, Brene Brown, and popular advice for holding onto New Year's resolutions, this sermon connects the effort we all face to change and persevere, and offers the possibility that God and community may help us achieve all our goals, if only we would welcome them in.

Rabbi Dara Frimmer
'Rabbi Dara Frimmer'

Rabbi Dara Frimmer