education at
Temple Isaiah

Wisdom is like the sky, belonging to no man, and true learning is the astronomy of the spirit.
– Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Jewish learning is an essential part of Jewish living. Temple Isaiah is a community of learners where people of all ages and stages of life will find engaging Jewish learning opportunities. Whether it is experiential learning that leads to meaningful Jewish actions or Torah study that builds Jewish identity, being a student at Temple Isaiah is an enriching way to strengthen one’s connection to Judaism and to the Temple community.

At all hours of the day and all days of the week, you will find opportunities to pursue knowledge, to wrestle with your history, culture and values and find an open door to learning and wisdom.

We encourage you to use the learning pages of the web site to explore the many offerings from our warm and nurturing preschool to our empowering youth and family programs, to a vast array of thought-provoking and inspiring workshops and classes for adults.

Join with us on a path to growth and learning as we travel through the seasons, meeting phenomenal teachers, taking in broad vistas and strengthening our spiritual core.