Our Campus

Temple Isaiah is situated at 10345 West Pico Blvd on the corner of Kerwood between Beverly Glen Blvd. to the west and Motor Ave to the east. Our campus includes a social hall, pre-school and religious school classrooms, library, administrative offices and an inspiring sanctuary. Our location in temperate Los Angeles affords us the opportunity to take year-round advantage of our large outdoor deck and beautiful and meditative front courtyard.

Our Czech Memorial Scroll (orphan scroll)

Half a century ago in 1964 two trucks turned into a side road near the Knightsbridge barracks in central London, and a ghostly cargo was unloaded, 1,564 sacred Torah scrolls.One of those scrolls was our little Torah. It was decided that the Torahs should be given to congregations around the world, on long term loan, so that they may be part of living communities. In 1976 Rabbi Gan and the Confirmation Class acquired a Czech Torah. read more

Art Around Isaiah

As you move through Temple Isaiah you’ll find wonderful art pieces that elevate and enhance the environment. You’ll find meaningful paintings and prints, stained glass, textile pieces, ceramics and rotating exhibits of art made by kids and adults too.

Sanctuary: Tallit as Art
Artist: Laurie Gross

Front Courtyard: Mural Celebrating and Honoring Cantor Emeritus Evan Kent
Artist: Karen Koblitz
In the spring of 2013, Temple Isaiah installed a 5’ x 20’ tile wall in the courtyard entry. This lively and colorful mural reflects the narrative of Evan Kent’s cantorate and his continuing journey as he made aliyah to Israel. In the center are a pair of hands in the configuration of the “Priestly Benediction” welcoming all who enter our sacred space. Images include ancient and contemporary instruments such as David’s lyre, drums, tambourines, Evan’s guitar and even his violin. Flowers and animals such as gazelles (a favorite of Cantor Kent’s), pomegranates, birds, and Cantor Kent’s cats, Merlin and Kokomo. Vines representing music and the rhythms of life along with a magnificent Tree of Life related to the coral tree nearby symbolize the Temple Isaiah community and reflects all the generations of congregants whose lives have been nurtured in this beautiful space.

Lobby: Broken Vessels/Sparks of Light
Artist: Sherry Karver
Lobby: The Days of Creation Stained Glass

Artists: Michelle and David Plachte-Zuieback
Lobby: Creation and All Israel is Responsible
Part of the World Series: A View of the World Through a Jewish Lens textile pieces
Artist: Peachy Levy