Teddy Bears

Staff: Jessica, Jamie, Jennifer

Teddy Bears (1 year old by Sep 1)
This is a class for children 12 months and older by September 1 and is attended with a parent or caregiver. Children are grouped by age and meet 1 day per week. Includes play, music, snack, stories and parent education.

Tuesday:  12-15 months by Sept 1
Birthdays June 2021- September 2021

Wednesday: 15-18 months
Birthday: March 2021-June 2021

Thursday: 18-22 months
Birthday:  November 2020 -March 2021

Friday: 22-26 months
Birthday: July 2020-November 2020
Start date for all programs is the Week of September 13.
Last Day of school will be Thursday, June 2nd.

Tuition: $1,000
We offer a reduced membership of $1,200 to new Temple families applying to the Teddy Bear program for the first time.
Temple Membership is required for attending the Temple Isaiah Preschool.


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