Calendar, Event and Marketing Requests

Thank you for your interest in planning an event or program with Temple Isaiah. Please review the four steps to getting your event/program approved, calendared, and publicized.

• Submit your calendar event request from 8 weeks in advance for review and approvals.
• You will be notified via email as soon as your event has been approved.
• Provide the necessary RSVP, Payment or Data Collection information to your TI administrator or Renee Winkler 6 weeks before the advertising start date.
• Upon calendar approvals, submit a Marketing Request form 6 weeks before the event date and 3 weeks in advance of the advertising launch date.


Calendar My Event - Request Form
Marketing - Request Form

Event Set-up form

All set-up forms must be emailed or returned to Chris Falone.


Marketing Checklist:

1. I submitted my Calendar Request form (if no click here)
2. My event was approved by the Calendar Caucus.
3. I submitted my RSVP information to a TI team member and my RSVP form was created.
4. I filled out and submitted my Marketing Request form. (if no click here)