Join your Temple Community in the Holy Land!

Israel is an intrinsic part of our Jewish soul & collective spirit. We pray toward Jerusalem, chant Torah in Hebrew, study & engage, wrestle with & celebrate our Jewish home, an extraordinary symbol of hope & promise in the Middle East. From our youngest preschoolers to our most active Chai Villagers, Israel is part of everything we are at Isaiah.

With a sense of optimism and excitement, we are thrilled to share details on our Summer 2023 Journey to Israel. Registration is now OPEN and space is limited, so sign up today!  

Summer 2023 - Multigenerational Journey to Israel
June 21 - July 2, 2023
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Summer 2023 – Teen Track
June 21-July 2, 2023
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Travel with Rabbi Dara to Israel
January 15-25, 2020.

Politics, activism, culture and conversation.

For questions contact Rabbi Dara Frimmer
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Rabbi Dara interviews Rabbi Rachel Timoner and Cantor Evan Kent "live" from Israel. July - 2019

Jewish Identity Politics: At the Intersection of Powerful + Vulnerable: Listen

Jul 23, 2019

Rabbi Dara Frimmer and Rabbi Rachel Timoner discuss Jewish Identity Politics and the conflicting, and seemingly contradictory, experiences of being both vulnerable and powerful. How does the historical (and contemporary) Jewish experience of trauma and oppression as a minority group make us stronger allies in the fight for justice? How does our power/privilege complicate our efforts to join coalitions? Thanks to Dr. Mijal Bitton, Fellow in Residence and faculty member at Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, and the Rosh Kehilla and co-founder of the Downtown Minyan in New York City, for her lecture on this topic.

A Conversation With Cantor Evan Kent : Listen

Jul 12, 2019

Rabbi Dara Frimmer and Temple Isaiah’s Emeritus Cantor, Evan Kent, sit down in Jerusalem for a pre-Shabbat talk about life-after-aliyah, Israeli politics, Jewish identity and (feral) cats. Thanks to everyone who shared their questions online.

Evan's Website
SoundCloud Links: Hear Rabbi Josh Weinberg talk Israel election results from April 9, 2019:
Dara is going to Israel in
January, 2020:

Gerrymandering Peoplehood: Who's In and Who's Out : Listen

Jul 09, 2019

From an Airbnb kitchen in Jerusalem, Rabbi Frimmer shares a Clergy Suite conversation with her friend and colleague, Rabbi Rachel Timoner. Reflecting on the theme of Peoplehood and the recent teachings by Dr. Elana Stein Hain, Scholar in Residence and Director of Faculty at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, Rabbis Frimmer and Timoner discuss inclusion, opting-out, the necessity of rebuke and the power of loyalty and love.

The Clergy Suite podcast is produced by Michael Yanow | Theme music created by Edward Auslender of LA Music Lab

Religious School Teen Trip

11th and 12th Grade
Dual Narrative Trip
December 18-28, 2016


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Family Trip with B’nai Mitzvah Ceremony
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In order to finalize registration participants will be asked to pay a $300 per person, non-refundable, deposit.  Final payment for all participants is due 60 days prior to departure.