A Special Note From Our Family To
Perhaps you have grandchildren in our Temple schools, or perhaps your grandchildren live out of state. Temple Isaiah’s tent is broad, open, and devoted to multigenerational programming and integration. We have created a Wellness and Gratitude Center which extends caring, supportive outreach to our congregants in times of need, as well as providing learning, awareness, meditation and yoga. Please also see our Lifelong Learning brochure for a taste of the many opportunities there are. We also bring in special speakers regularly, hold house-gatherings to discuss relevant topics, and host many sacred and social gatherings that are adult-centered. Each year we also have a weekend Adult Retreat where we gather and learn with our clergy in the beautiful mountains of Malibu. We are committed to lifelong Jewish learning, to sustaining and nourishing a Caring Community, warm, meaningful, and participatory worship, and creating opportunities for intimate gatherings that let us know one another personally. We invite you with open arms. Come laugh, eat, sing, pray, learn, act in the world, and pursue justice with us. There is a place for you at Temple Isaiah.