Check out last year’s Passover seders with our Temple Isaiah family!

Participants submitted one family/friend/community photo taken at your first or second night seder along with a caption.
All photos will be posted on this Passover page of the temple website and our Facebook Page throughout the week of Passover.
(Please note – these will be public)

Eleanor shows off her frog-plague hat. Madeline is wondering why her scallion doesn’t rattle.– Rabbi Dara Frimmer

Superhero Pesach!   Zach Cohen
 – Doris Fram

Superhero Zach Cohen drinks from Elijah’s cup. Seder 2016 – Doris Fram

The Kopf family seder – Carla Kopf

Let’s get this Seder started outdoors! Wunderlich family
(Andrea Spatz, Michele Wunderlich, Bob Wunderlich)
visiting friends on the east coast for first night Seder 
– Andrea Spatz

Just the two of us, but oh so special! – Gail Solo

Welcome the new with the old – Sanders/Stein Sedar

L’Dor v’Dor.  Carrying on the tradition. – Andrea and Terry Pullan

Helene and Barry Korn’s Seder. Left out of the photo is the second table with kids, grandkids and other friends.  
We drank, prayed, laughed and enjoyed our trek to freedom.
 – Helene Korn

BLENDED! – Tara Berger and Edward Auslender

1st Night – Meet the Auslenders! Tara’s first seder with the Auslender extended family

2nd Night – Meet the Bergers! The Auslenders first seder with the Berger extended family


The kids happily take on the serious work of reading/performing the Passover story at the home of Mike & Lorna Belman, first night Seder, Century City, April 22, 2016.-
 Debra Silverman

The 103 Annual Tuch Family Sedar. As in Sheri TUCH Hirschfeld. 62 persons strong 
– Michael Hirschfeld

Last Seder in Karlsruhe, Germany 1938

Before Straus family emigrated. ( Tina Feiger ‘s mother and family )

At Moss/ Feiger Seder with Andy leading! (Josh Stroud, Lucien and Jerry’s grandson at table) – Helen Tina Feiger

 In the midst of retelling the story – 19 wandering Jews, or in this case sitting Jews – Dale Joyner

“Let My People Go!” – NO (Pharoah and 2 subjects – Dale, Ian & Alec Joyner)

Sierra ready for the meal- Dale Joyner

 Checking out the evening’s fashion (Grand-niece Sierra Berry) – Dale Joyner

 3 generations of Davidsons (Jon, Robin, & Sierra) – Dale Joyner

Happy Passover from Maeve & Eleanor Daugherty – Sean Daugherty

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