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When we ask parents what they hope for when they bring their children to our school,
they often say they want...

- to instill in them a way of looking at the world that's informed by Jewish values.
- to give them the experience of being part of a community.
- to help them gain a sense of where they came from, and a connection to that heritage.

Our goal is to give our children these gifts — their inheritance — by empowering and enabling them to engage meaningfully with their Jewish heritage, their Jewish community, and with a set of values rooted in their Jewish tradition. And because we want them to receive those gifts with the blessings and joy with which they are intended, we focus our efforts on creating an environment for learning, exploration, and celebration.

At Temple Isaiah Religious School, we are a vision-driven educational institution that aspires to have a joyous and transformative impact on the Jewish lives of our students. This is what we believe about Jewish learning in our school and our synagogue.

Temple Isaiah is committed to providing engaging and profound educational opportunities for our lifelong learners

Temple Isaiah’s Religious School (TIRS) will be a center for innovative, experiential, and student-centered learning. A meaningful and enduring partnership between TIRS and our families will lay the foundation for a rich tradition of lifelong Jewish learning. Through our wide array of relevant and substantive learning opportunities, both inside and outside our synagogue’s walls, TIRS will foster and fortify Jewish Identity, Jewish life, and Jewish relationships at Temple Isaiah and throughout the Jewish Community.

Journeys Through Judaism

To help our parents prepare and have a better understanding of what is to be expected during a child's Jewish Journey at Temple Isaiah's religious school, we have provided all our families with a Journeys Through Judaism Handbook.


This is our pilot program for fourth graders. OUR HEVRUTA creates a multigenerational learning community. Adult congregants (parents, grandparents, retirees, lifelong-learners) volunteer as TORAH FACILITATORS to lead circles of fourth graders in conversations about Torah and our lives.

The objectives of this program are:

For children and adults to understand how to explore Scripture together
To identify where our sacred texts intersect with our selves

The Hebrew word hevruta (חַברוּתָא) is Aramaic for “friendship.” In Judaism, we use this word to refer to the special relationship we have when we study Torah together. Hevruta is a trusted learning partner, or better yet, a dear companion in the exploration of our tradition. It is with our Hevruta that we discover those shining places where the sacred story of our people intersects with our own lives. Full program details here.

Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles

Carla Kopf
Director of the Religious School

Stephanie Schwartz
Assistant Director of Educational Engagement

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