Temple Isaiah Choirs

Temple Isaiah has incredibly talented musicians and singers who take part in both our Adult and Children's Choirs. If you are interested in learning more about how to join these choirs please view the links below.

HaSharim - Adult Choir

PopUp/Permanent Players- Children's Choir


Share Shabbat / Hanukkah

Be a part of Isaiah’s vibrant musical tradition. Congregants are invited to join us for Share Shabbat services with performances from all our Isaiah choirs.


Musical Artist in Residence: Dan Nichols

Friday, April 28 – Sunday, April 30
Dan Nichols is a singular talent in the world of Jewish music. He is one of the most
dynamic, influential and beloved Jewish musicians in North America. Dan’s melodies have
become an integral part of the spiritual and liturgical experience of countless individuals
and Jewish communities. Dan’s anthology includes a wide range of sounds and styles,
from energetic Jewish rock anthems to moving interpretations of traditional Jewish
liturgy. Jewish youth and adults from around the world draw inspiration from Dan’s music
and its positive message of Jewish values, identity and pride. Dan’s live performances are
legendary for their unrestrained energy and infectious spirit.