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Clergy Suite

The Whole 30: Starting the Countdown to Passover

Mar 19, 2019

The Shulchan Arukh, an influential Jewish code of law from the16th century, tells us, “We inquire as to the laws of Passover thirty days beforehand.” (Orach Chayyim 429:1) Just as the month of Elul in the summer is dedicated to preparing for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, so, too, is the time between Purim and Passover meant for reflection and consideration. In what ways can Purim help us prepare for Passover? What is the work we need to do now, in order to come prepared to the first seder on Friday night, April 19?

Latke Hamantashen Debate - Rabbi Nickerson (Latke) vs. Rabbi Frimmer (Hamantash)

Mar 18, 2019

ORIGINALLY RECORDED 12.07.18 - Rabbi Nickerson (Latke) vs. Rabbi Frimmer (Hamantash)Rabbi Joel Nickerson defends the potato. Rabbi Dara Frimmer champions the cookie. This debate was recorded in December 2018 in celebration of Hanukkah. (Note the wild applause for latkes!) To be fair, Joel has a mike-drop moment that wins the debate without dispute...so be sure to listen all the way through. Repost and share with your friends. Subscribe to The Clergy Suite. Chag Purim Sameach!

Wow. Thank You. Help Me. I'm Sorry: What's the point of prayer?

Mar 12, 2019

Rabbis Klein Miles, Nickerson and Frimmer return to the Clergy Suite to discuss two more questions submitted by congregants: 1. How do we separate Anti-Israel comments from Antisemitism? How can one be prepared to hold a civil discourse drawing the lines? 2. What is the purpose of Jewish prayer, and how can we more fully realize the experience of praying (or, as we say in Yiddish, davenning)? Click here for the article Rabbi Frimmer references on ways to distinguish critique of Israel from Antisemitism: Jill Jacobs' article titled, "How to tell when criticism of Israel is actually anti-Semitism."

Revealing the Hidden Mitzvah of Purim Tzedakah

Mar 08, 2019

Rabbi Frimmer - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5779 - During a Shabbat service with 2nd and 3rd grade families, the Pop-Up Choir, and Shabbat regulars, Rabbi Frimmer teaches on the "hidden" mitzvah of Purim tzedakah. How can the holiday of Purim move past cookies and costumes and teach us important lessons about generosity, dignity, and equality? Thanks to the congregants who shared answers and reflections to the following questions: What's Purim all about? How much tzedakah are we commanded to give? Why do we wear costumes?

Tattoos and Torah: The Top Six Questions Isaians Ask Their Rabbis

Mar 05, 2019

Rabbi Frimmer surprises Rabbi Nickerson and Rabbi Klein Miles with a Pisces Pop Quiz: Answer the top 6 questions Isaians ask while standing with their clergy in the Temple lobby, on the sidelines of the soccer field, or while schmoozing at the oneg table on Friday nights. Tune in and find out what these Early-March-Birthday Rabbis have to say about life, death, tattoos and Torah.

A Tabernacle of Broken Hearts

Mar 01, 2019

Rabbi Nickerson - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5779 - Rabbi Nickerson explores a rabbinic interpretation of the Israelite’s gifts in building the Tabernacle and the value our tradition places on the power of brokenness and vulnerability.

Participating In Purim Part 2: Amalek, Costumes and Responsible Consumption

Feb 26, 2019

Rabbis Nickerson and Frimmer return to the topic of Purim, taking a deeper dive into the topics of Amalek, the donning of creative costumes, and the tradition of excessive drinking. Explore new ideas and practices as you and your family prepare for this annual celebration of survival and silliness. More details on how to celebrate Purim at Isaiah here.

Behind The Veil

Feb 22, 2019

Rabbi Nickerson - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5779 - By referencing a challenging passage in the story of the Golden Calf, Rabbi Joel Nickerson explores the value of ‘lifting the veil’ in order to discover the beauty found within the complex narratives of our tradition and our lives.

Participating In Purim As Adults

Feb 19, 2019

For many, Purim has been relegated to a children’s holiday replete with cookies, costumes and carnivals. This week, Rabbis Frimmer and Nickerson shake up the story. Purim, like Hanukkah, contains a deeper (darker!) message of how Jews continue to survive uncertainty, vulnerability and arch-enemies that arise in every generation. Learn more about Purim and the accompanying mitzvot (commandments). How can feasting, gift-giving, tzedakah and story-telling help us navigate the threats and opportunities facing Jews in the 21st century? For more details on how to celebrate Purim visit templeisaiah.com/Purim.php

Bells and Whistles

Feb 15, 2019

Rabbi Frimmer - Friday Night Shabbat Sermon 5779 - This week’s Torah portion outlines the intricate designs of the Priestly garments, including golden bells along the hemline of the High Priest’s robe. Rabbi Frimmer explores ancient and modern examples of when/how alarm bells signal danger in the life of the Jewish people.