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Isaiah East Building | About The Property

The Jonas Property is directly adjacent to the Temple on the east side.  It currently consists of two buildings. The front building is a one-story structure with a second two-story building behind it, and between the two buildings is a small courtyard with a swimming pool. The entire interior square footage totals approximately 4,000 square feet.

While this is the existing floor plan, the Committee is visioning immediate, intermediate, and long-term uses that can adapt, re-build, and re-conceive this space.

Immediate ideas for uses consider little to no capital improvements.  We are loosely basing these ideas on a 0-2 year time horizon.

Intermediate uses in the space may require significant renovation and loosely are based on a 2-7 year time horizon.

Long-term uses imagine the space fully incorporated into our existing (and perhaps even renovated) property.  These are based on a 7+ year time horizon.