High Holy Day Sermons


Cloaks of Skin, Cloaks of Light: Two Ways of Seeing Each Other

Sep 29, 2019
Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles - Erev Rosh Hashana | Sermon 5780:

We know about the Evil Eye, but could we exercise its antidote, the Good Eye, to change the way we see others and ourselves?

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The Most Important Person In the World

September 30, 2019
Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles - Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Family Service | Family Skit 5780

A  young artist wrestles with a question her rabbi posed to her riligious school class about who is the most important person in the world, and whether an artist can be. This story will be part of a collection of short stories by Rabbi Zoë, soon to be published by the CCAR Press. All of the stories have been inspired by the Temple Isaiah community.


It’s Time to Take Back Authorship of Our Story

Sep 30, 2019
Rabbi Dara Frimmer - Rosh Hashana Day 1 Morning Service | Sermon 5780

Noting historic tensions for the Jews as they move between strength and vulnerability, Rabbi Frimmer explores topics of antisemitism and immigration. “We are not stuck in a story of hate. We are the authors of the most ancient and inspiring story of liberation. A story that reminds us that transformation is possible. That slaves can become liberators. That weakness is a touchpoint for strength.”

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Teshuva: A Story of Return

Oct 1, 2019
Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles - Rosh Hashana Day 2 Service | Sermon 5780:

Rabbi Zoë shares the story of her father’s 100-edition print “Abraham.” An art dealer took the edition to Europe to sell and disappeared. Forty-seven years later, after the art dealer’s death, his children found 87 “Abraham” prints in their attic and decide to correct one of their father’s transgressions.


YOM KIPPUR 5780/2019

You Are Served & You Will Serve Others

Oct 8, 2019
Rabbi Dara Frimmer - Kol Nidre | Sermon 5780:

Rabbi Dara speaks about the ancient Tabernacle and asks you to imagine a community-building project for 5780.

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October 9, 2019
Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles - Yom Kippur Family Service | Sermon 5780:

You’ve seen movies in which characters go back in time and are told, “Don’t disturb a single thing. If you even step on an ant you alter the whole continuum of time. Agitate anything and you initiate a trajectory of change. Every little thing you do disrupts the story and has an immense impact on the future.” Well, we are the emissaries sent from the dream-of future of our ancestors, and every small act we do matters.

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