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Songs of the Spirit: Debbie Friedman Remembered

We hope you enjoy this recording of Songs of the Spirit: Debbie Friedman Remembered, a concert to commemorate Debbie’s first yahrtzeit.

  1. Sandra
    Jan 22 2012

    Honored to be able to remember Debbie’s Memory in this way!
    I was one of the many whose life was personally touched by her.
    Always will she be a Blessing for me in my life.
    My way of witnessing your Many Healling Blessings with all that you lived your life….You Truly were an Absolutely an Amazing Instrument of G-d’s will.
    Forever In My Mind and Heart.

  2. Julie Plaut Warwick
    Jan 22 2012

    Remembering Debbie!

  3. Deborah Fish Gordesky
    Jan 22 2012

    Music, family, friends, G-d, the need to communicate…

  4. Yonatan Koch
    Jan 22 2012

    Remembering Debbie!! I think about her every day as there are always songs of hers being played, if not by me by my 9 year old twin boys

  5. dana wallen
    Jan 23 2012

    I loved Debbie Friedman and everytime I hear her muisc I cry and it brings me such joy.
    she will be missed by all the music world.
    She was an amazing singer.
    I will miss her very much I am glad I have her latest cd

  6. Thanks to all who shared their stories and songs. This was a lovely and fitting tribute to Debbie on the occasion of her Yahrzeit. May her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life. Her memory will always be a blessing and a melody.

  7. Mary A
    Jun 27 2012

    I often wanted to meet or just contact Debbie to thank her for being a part of my life thru her music.

    I felt through her music, she would be someone who I could talk to and learn from with out fear of being shunned because I am a non Jew.

    Tonight while doing a search of where Debbie Freedman was in 2012, I learned that her nefish returned to Abba the creater of the world and everything in it, last year.
    My heart sunk, but remembered that when a seed is placed into the ground, it starts to decay, but at the last moment, it starts to sprout, to give life to a new generation of seeds before it dies.
    Such is life, and Debbie is no differant as I could see in the video.
    The family she had grew bigger and bigger, and are in turn sprouting
    new generations of songs praising HaSHEM and bringing people closer to HIM.

    As I listened to your REMBERance of Debbie, I felt a part of all who were there! I wish to thank you all for having this on iine so others like me can find it and Thank HaSHEM for Debbie and allof you.

    Thanks for being a part of my day, which is a part of my life.

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