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That Is The $17B+ Question.

A decision is imminent on committing to the construction of two Sacramento/San Joachim River Delta bypass tunnels in an effort to protect water deliveries from northern California.  They will be 30+ miles long, 40’ in diameter, at least 150 feet underground, and will cost $17B without bond financing charges.

It’s our money that is being spent on this proposed solution, as well as our ecological future, so we should make an informed decision on this issue. Please come hear two experts discuss the pros and cons of this proposal compared to other alternatives. 

Dr. Bob Wunderlich:  member of Temple Isaiah, the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Board, and the Beverly Hills City Council
Conner Everts:  Facilitator, Environmental Water Caucus; Executive Director, Southern California Watershed Alliance

Moderated by: UCLA Law School Professor, Peter Reich.

To give you some background for the discussion, our speakers have suggested the following links:

California Water Fix 
Delta Tunnels Myths Addressed

The discussion will be held on Friday, September 8, 2017, as part of the following:

6:15 p.m.  Jazz Shabbat Service
7:30 p.m.  BYO dinner
8:00 p.m.  Moderated discussion  (RSVP HERE)

At Temple Isaiah
10345 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA