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Green Team Earth Day Events


BANNING—“Climate Change”, “Paris Agreement”, “emissions reduction,” and similar phrases at the Department of Energy

DISMANTLING—The Clean Power Plan

DELETING—Climate change data from federal government web-sites

ELIMINATING—“Social cost of carbon” and climate change impacts in decision making

PUSHING FORWARD—Coal mining, Dakota Access and Keystone Pipeline construction

WITHDRAWING—From the Paris Climate Agreement

GIVING UP—Our moral standing in the world as a climate change fighter


Many of our hard fought gains to control climate change are now being threatened, and we need to express outrage and get in the habit of joining public demonstrations to influence policy makers. We know it is time consuming, but the stakes are so high that we must do this. Two nearby rallies will take place around Earth Day, and we hope you will join us with your feet and voices.

Celebrate Earth Day: Choose A Rally to Make Your Presence Felt

Saturday, April 22
9am-4pm, Pershing Square

This is one of many sister marches to the one in Washington DC, demanding fact-based decision making, rather than action based on ill-informed speculation.

To coordinate travel, please click here.

For more information, go to Science Marchspeakers, and mission.

Saturday, April 29
11am-3pm, Wilmington

(We have a chartered bus.)

This, too, is a sister march to an event in Washington. We’re taking a stand against processing the dirtiest of crude oils, and in an economically disadvantaged area at that. Besides this environmental injustice, we also know that we can’t keep burning fossil fuels—we need to leave 80% of it in the ground to limit the planet’s temperature rise.


10:15 AM pick-up from Temple Isaiah to Banning Park, Wilmington. (40 minute drive)
Walk to the Tesoro refinery with our friends from 350.org to protest the planned expansion of the refinery.

Bus seating is limited, reserve your space today. click here.

For more information, click here.